Saturday, December 02, 2006

Kaminari Synthesis

(offsite songs)

"Thankful to breathe and love"
"To rise above one's self"
"Lift your hands to the sky as if your palm were touching the cumulous clouds"
"As time slowly takes each of us away"
"It is always a good time to smile"
"Blue skies, Winter's final cry and other relevant love stories"
by Kaminari Synthesis
genres: electroacoustic, glitch, idm

"The imortance of closing your eyes" by Kaminari Synthesis (a.k.a. Vizion, Koei, and 143) is full of beautiful repetition and swelling revery that is occasionally interrupted by bitter memories (incarnated as glitches). It is swathed at times with sorrow and shining with hope at others. It is music about recovery and moving on with one's life.

At the Internet Archive it is described as "35 minutes of soothing idm/indie rock vibes ... exploring introspection, flight, nature, life and death with grandiose pad+guitar melodrama and idm beats wrapped in a glitchy, naive physiology." I would replace "melodrama" with "emotion" if I were allowed to edit the description, but it's close enough.

I have excluded one song from the list, "Anxious Interlude." It is ok by itself (I really enjoy its bitpop-ness), but it seems out of place in comparison to the rest of the netalbum. It's more like a distraction than an interlude.

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