Friday, August 25, 2006

Stars of the Lid

(offsite songs)

"The Atomium part two"
"Requiem for Dying Mothers part 1"
"Piano Aquieu"
by Stars of the Lid
genres: ambient, dronology

Slow, mellow, soothing music mostly as duets--droning ambience. I like their music so much, I actually bought their "The Tired Sounds of..." double-disk album from their small distributor, Kranky, which made it the only album I bought that year (click here for more of their Kranky releases).

All of the songs I listed can be downloaded from They would prefer to have the songs downloaded from them instead of from me. Just be sure to download them one at a time: I believe that keeps them from nagging you about registering after the third simultaneous download. It's free to become a member, so it's no big deal to sign up.

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