Friday, August 25, 2006

Satellite Grooves

(offsite songs)

"Pillow Stimulate"
"Earthless Cludder"
"Lo Fi Moondays"
by Satellite Grooves
genre: electronica

These quirky, happy songs are from his internet EP "Soundscapes of Filtered Stars" on the kikapu netlabel. The brightest star of the three, "Earthless Cludder," starts with an upbeat intro played on a soft electric organ, and then the spoken lyrics begin (the narrator sounds like the synthesized voice of a spokesman from the 50's or 60's):

"One day I saw a monkey looking at me.
He said, 'The world was too small.'
I asked, 'Why do you say that?'
He said, 'Well just look around.
It's full of cludder, cludder, cludder.'

"So I asked, 'What do you suggest we do?'
He said, 'Look into the sky and pick a spot,
and we'll build a spacecraft and go there
where there's no cludder, cludder, cludder,
cludder, cludder, cludder.'"

The melody countinues for about a minute, which is followed by a playful bridge that leads back to the intro. Then the narrator finishes his story:

"That monkey and I flew far into outer space, never looking back,
and leaving all the cludder in my dust."

And since that one is so sweet for its lyrics alone, you might as well do yourself a favor and download all of them and give them a listen. The other two songs, however, are more instrumental.

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