Friday, August 25, 2006




(offsite songs)

"wake up wake up"
"bushman's samba"
"music box samba"
by Lullatone
genre: minimal electronica

Lullatone's music is childish but in a good, balanced, way. Their songs are full of curiosity and are often quite happy. It's some of the sweetest, brightest music I've ever heard--similar to bitpop, but without the 8-bit aesthetics.

"icecubes" is a rather sleepy and subdued lulla-tune. The Italian site that was hosting it had some poorly scripted Flash that would play the song instead of allowing the track to be download it as it stated it should. After fiddling around with the site through Google's cache, I was able to find the address of the mp3 and download. And now you can enjoy the sweet sine waves and gentle xylophoning without all the hassle.

The other four songs can be downloaded from Lullatone's site. "wake up wake up" is from the third album, "little songs about raindrops," which replaced "swinging in the park at night" from his second album, "my petit melodies" (I don't know how often they make such changes). "bushman's samba" and "thoughts and clouds" are quite playful, whereas "music box samba" is the song of a lonely child.

The glitchy "yesterday" from Lullatone's third album is available among CNET's free mp3s. Blue Bell has a 30 sec. sample of an exclusive track called "ballet recital," and I found a low-fi, 1:08 sample of "leaves falling," also from "little songs about raindrops," which I rangled away from tar100mg racord's autoplay for your downloading pleasure.

If you have an eMusic account, you can download all the songs from "little songs about raindrops" and "computer recital." If you don't have an account with them, you can signup to receive 50 free downloads for a month, but it requires using a credit card. Be sure to cancel you subscription before the expiration date unless you want to be automatically changed for the next month. I was only able to find 30-some songs worth downloading, and since the eMusic's samples are only 30 seconds long, I ended up deleting some of the songs after listening to the whole track. But I kept all of Lullatone's tracks. If you like what you hear in the 30 sec. samples, you will most likely enjoy the entirety of the albums. However, the third track of "computer recital," "my second favorite song in the world," can be a bit annoying if your not in the mood for it, since it consists mostly of 1-2 sec. long sections that repeat throughout the song.

Lastly, the Observatory Online has three lulla-tunes in ogg format. If you need mp3's, you can find the mp3 release among their listings at the Internet Archive. The first track is actually "beepop" from "my petit melodies," the second track is an OO exvclusive, and the third track, "resound," is from "computer recital." I recommend all three.

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