Friday, August 25, 2006


(offsite song)

"A Year from Tuesday" by Yuppster
genre: bitpop/idm

***Update: This song used to be a direct download, butYuppster has now included it in his dreamy Ambition EP at Monotonik, and the EP is his best release yet. The song is almost out of place, since the other 6 tracks sound more developed and since he hadn't touched up the 5+ year old "A Year from Tuesday." The file size and bit rate are even the same as the original version I have. It's still a good song; it's just showing its age a bit. :Update***

Wonderful bitpop. The reverberating intro and outro make me feel like I'm in space monitoring a radar screen. A little after a minute and a half, the drum track thumps in to pickup the tempo as a precursor to the arpeggiating ringing tones that follow a minute later. I don't exactly enjoy the beat clapping effect, but it's forgivable. Some might say this song is more of an experiment in repetition and variety (like most songs) and that the variety is lacking, but I think it's just enough, which is why it has been one of my favorites for years. More great bitpop and blipblop can be found in's discography.

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